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Provides information, dialogue, education, and support to Nebraskans with special needs.

Substance Abuse in NE
Current & comprehensive information about substance abuse education, prevention and treatment.

National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children
Individuals & organizations concerned about children endangered by caregivers who manufacture drugs, deal drugs or use them.

Environmental/Human Health

Properties formerly used in illegal drug manufacturing are properly evaluated and decontaminated - making them fit for re-occupancy and protecting human health.

If you come upon a lab or discover any chemicals that were improperly disposed of, do not touch anything! Call your local police department.

Once a residence has been "Posted Unfit for Use" by the Health Department, the owner of the property must contact a certified clandestine drug lab cleanup contractor, such as Able Clean-up Technologies, Inc. 509-466-5255.

Decontamination Photo

Steps for cleanup procedures:

1. A pre-decontamination assessment, which may include sampling.  The quantity of samples needed to determine if methamphetamine residual is present is determined by the Health Department.  (The owner/manager of the property also has an option to forgo any pre-decontamination sampling and go directly to the cleanup.)  If sampling is performed, samples are collected from wipes 100cm 2 .  Once samples are collected, they are sent off to a certified lab within hours.  Standard turnaround time for sample results is 5-10 days.  Once the results have been reported, a letter will be sent to both the health Department and the owner describing the location, analytical results and whether or not the samples are above the recommended cleanup levels of 0.1 ppb/ c m 2 .

2. If the Health Department has required decontamination, standard decontamination would include writing a work plan and site safety health plan, which is sent to both the owner and health department.  The work plan includes the removing of all porous items from the residence (carpets, pads, furniture, bedding, etc.)  Next pressure washing floors, ceiling, walls, scrubbing with industrial detergent multiple times, rinse and let dry.  Post decontamination samples will then be collected to confirm fitness for occupancy.

3. Final report will include analytical, sample location mat, and conclusion/recommendation.