NE Alliance for Drug Endangered Children


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Provides information, dialogue, education, and support to Nebraskans with special needs.

Substance Abuse in NE
Current & comprehensive information about substance abuse education, prevention and treatment.

National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children
Individuals & organizations concerned about children endangered by caregivers who manufacture drugs, deal drugs or use them.

Child Abuse/Neglect

The Protection and Safety System works collaboratively to ensure that the abused, neglected, dependent, or delinquent populations that it serves are safe from harm or maltreatment; in a permanent healthy nurturing and caring environment; with a stable family; that the effects of harm to the child or youth are diminished, and that communities are safe from harm by these children or youth.

Populations Served
The Protection and Safety System of the Nebraska Health and Human Service (HHS) System includes two divisions, serving their respective populations mandated by Nebraska statute.  These are:

Children and Family Services & Juvenile Services

The Protection and Safety System is committed to improving the work it does, and to evaluating the results it achieves in order to make these improvements. Three outcome areas have been determined by the federal government and the fourth has been added by Nebraska. They include:

  1. Child Safety - We will increase the number of children who are free from abuse in their homes and reduce the number of children who enter the system.
  2. Permanency - We will increase the number of children who can safely remain in their homes and find permanent homes for children who cannot.
  3. Well-Being - We will increase the number of children served by the system who graduate from high school.
  4. Community Safety - We will decrease the number of state wards who are re-committed to the system.

Partnership Approach
No single state agency can accomplish these kinds of results alone. Therefore, the Protection and Safety System must work in collaboration and partnership. These partnerships include the field staff and central office employees of the HHS System, law enforcement, county attorneys, judges, guardians ad litem, court appointed special advocates, medical personnel, therapists, foster parents, volunteers, group homes and institutional care providers, schools, care providers and others, and most importantly -- the children, youth, and families to the maximum extent possible who are the focus of intervention.

The Protection and Safety System includes:

Agency-Based Foster Care, Day & Evening Monitoring, Detention, Electronic Monitoring, Emergency Shelter Care, Family Support Services, Foster Care, Group Home Care, Home Based Family Therapy, Individual and Family Counseling, Intensive Family Preservation, Parent Education, Relative Foster Care, Respite Care, Tracker Services, Visitation Supervision Services