NE Alliance for Drug Endangered Children


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National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children
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Nebraska Alliance for Drug Endangered Children


Purpose: The Nebraska Drug Endangered Children (NDEC) Program is established for the express purpose of eliminating the negative impact of child exposure to the illegal and improper use of drugs and alcohol, as well as the abuse and neglect associated with these substances.

Mission : The NDEC will accomplish its purpose by being unrelenting in the pursuit of safety for children exposed to the extreme dangers of drug abuse environments. The NDEC will facilitate collaborative efforts across all government and private organizations to; prevent drug abuse; provide response resources to children when prevention fails- and aggressively seek to break the cycles of drug abuse.


Board of Directors: At a minimum, the NDEC board of directors shall be comprised of representatives from the Nebraska Attorney General's Office, the Nebraska State Patrol, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, the Nebraska County Attorney's Association, the Nebraska Crime Commission, and the Nebraska State Chapter of Child Advocacy Centers. Additional entities may be added to the board by the board members.

Board Chair: The board members shall elect a chair, who shall serve a three-year term. There shall be no limit to the number of terms a chair may serve. It shall be the responsibility of the chair to maintain a membership list, to schedule meetings as necessary to further the NDEC mission, and to obtain a resource for annotating NDEC meeting minutes. Should an elected chair no longer be able to function in the capacity for any reason, the board shall elect a new chair, who shall begin a new term. Me chair may be removed from such capacity by a two-thirds majority vote of the entire board.

Membership: Any person or organization desiring to associate for the purpose of advancing the interests of drug endangered children in Nebraska may apply to the NDEC Board for membership. Applications may be received in any form, but must include the applicant's name, organization and position (if any), mailing address, telephone number, and email address. Applications will be voted on by the Board, with a simple majority needed for approval. Likewise, membership may be withdrawn, with or without cause, by a majority vote of the Board.


Meetings: NDEC meetings shall be held at least twice each calendar year at a time and place determined by the Board Chair. Additional meetings may be held as necessary to insure the continued success of the program. Board and program members will be informed of upcoming meetings at least thirty days in advance. At a minimum, this notice shall include a draft agenda for the pending meeting, and minutes from the most recent prior meeting.

Rules of Procedure: Although strict adherence is not required, meetings will generally be conducted according to established rules of order. The Board Chair shall progress the meeting through agenda items, at which point new business items may be brought forth. Items requiring action will necessitate a motion, a second, and a vote.

Voting Quorum: A quorum will be established when two-thirds of the Board members are present either in person or by telecommunications to vote on NDEC issues. With the exception of changes to the by-laws covered below, a simple majority vote of the membership present will carry any vote.

Amendments: Any changes or amendments to these by-laws may only be made by a two-thirds majority vote of the entire Board.


Subcommittees: The NDEC may establish subcommittees as necessary to address specific areas of endeavor associated with the protection of children from exposure to drugs and abuse.


  In order to further the purpose and mission of this organization as defined in Article I of these by-laws, it is our intention to encourage the development of regional and/or local affiliate Alliances for Drug Endangered Children in Nebraska .

To this end, the NDEC will recognize a regional and/or local group as an affiliate alliance of this organization when they meet the following minimal requirements:

•  represent a defined geographical area;

•  share in the same purpose and mission as listed in Article I by these by-laws;

•  include representation from 5 core disciplines: medical, law enforcement, prosecution, HHSS Protection and Safety, Child Advocacy Centers;

•  agree to meet at least twice per year; and

•  agree to inform NDEC at least once per year of progress and problems in meeting their mission.

To the extent possible, the NDEC will provide support and encouragement to the regional/local affiliates in the furtherance of their purpose and mission.